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15 Members, 9 countries, 1 home

WhyEurope is lead by a merry group of young pro Europeans. We do not all come from the same place, but Europe brings us together.

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Map of our membership

Take a look at our (almost) pan European membership. (WIP)
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Map of our membership
Spain France Germany Italy Poland Belgium Greece Hungary Denmark


WhyEurope doesn't have any Spanish member for the moment :/



Our ViceChair Max is from Strasbourg, Alsace.


Many of our members are from Germany, including our Chair Katrin!


Many of our member have Italian roots.


Two of our member comes from Poland.


Many of our member comes from Belgium.

Some of us live in Brussels, say hi, let's meet for coffee! 😉



One of our member comes from Hungary.


One of our member comes from Denmark.

Meet the team

On the lookout for new content, behind the jersey store or planning our next moves, the WhyEurope team manages many at once.

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