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During the Covid-19 pandemic and and with quarantine being imposed upon Europeans, we gathered a few stories of what life has been like staying at home. Here’s Maxime’s story:

“I am a 27 Frenchman working in communication with a background in political sciences and a love for Europe. I live in central Brussels, and so far the situation has been fine for me. We have a statute of confinement, I am teleworking, and I feel really privileged so far. I especially like the “8pm clapping” ritual that has taken root in my neighbourhood 2 weeks ago. Every day, for a few minutes, people clap at their windows and congratulate medical workers. I don’t know if this encourages people to stay home (stay home people!) or improve anyone’s condition, but it definitely sends a positive signal, and a feeling of community.”

What do you recommend others in Europe to do to get through this crisis?

“Be the loudest clapper! And if you can, I think about donating to an association for research and supporting the communities hit the hardest by the crisis (the jobs that can’t work from home like myself for example). In my home country, the Pasteur Institute, for example, is running a campaign for funds. Take a look, and consider doing the right thing.”

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