What we do

Our Goal

To make the case for the benefits of the European Union,
using social media and a simple but relatable approach.

Why We Do It

Social media have risen as the prefered tool of Eurosceptics, thanks to the fast communication, the low entry barriers, unfiltered or weak guidelines against hate …

Political messages, especiallythose  sported by populists and demagogues, are appealing because of their emotional, concrete and simple messages. The populist wave that engulfed Europe in the previous years saw the rise of claims not based on realistic political solutions, economic evaluations or ethical deliberations in social media against the EU. Hence, it is hard – perhaps impossible – to challenge these with realistic political solutions, economic evaluations or ethical deliberations.

WhyEurope is betting that this is not the case, that we can beat those messages at their own game, taking control of the conversation around the personal, relatable and emotional. The EU has been treated as cold, foreign and distanced since its inception, no fault of the many European politicians too eager to find an easy scapegoat for their national troubles (but nevertheless happy to benefit from what the EU brings them).

Our work is directed at setting the record straight, and reaching as many EU citizens online as possible to break down misconceptions and prejudices towards the European project.

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