What we do

Our project ended in 2023, following great 5 years of fun, challenges and dedication.
Thank you all for your much appreciated support!
The WhyEurope team


Our Goal

We want to make the EU relatable to all European citizens by informing on their actions, benefits, weaknesses and strengths.

Why We Do It

We want to reach people at the center of the debate. In the past, social media sadly earned the reputation of spreading misinformation and faciliating bad faith discussions, polluting the overall conversation. Social media is entering the stage where they are a major participant in the general political discussion, and this goes for all generations. The more connected people are, the more opinions and ideas are formed online through chat, posts, stories and other digital communication. Pro-Europeans have a duty to occupy this space and to not allow it to be consumed by Eurosceptics and unreliable actors who are liable to spread misinformation.

We are young, enthusiastic Europeans, who want to make EU matters relatable to all.  For this reason, our main mean of communication is through social media, where we try to share messages that are…

  • Simple: no complex jargo
  • Personal: European and people-oriented –
  • Emotional: engaging, exciting, and positive.

Our goal is to show our audience Europe through our eyes – full of possibilities, yet not ignoring its shortcomings. The possibilities are infinite freedom to travel, study, and work while enjoying peace, cooperation, economic activity, progress, and more. However, it is important to acknowledging its shortcomings and areas of improvement – ineffective policies, bureaucracy, and more. As both a vocal and independent supporter of European integration, WhyEurope would like to become a common ground for discussion about the EU’s present and future.

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