Humans of Europe

We want to share the stories of Europe!

Here is Elisa's story:

👋 Hi! My name is Elisa, I’m 22 and I’m an Italian student based in Paris. I’m studying English and International Studies at Sorbonne University.

🎓 During my years in high school I’ve always dreamed of leaving my hometown and study abroad. In 2016 I visited Paris and fell in love with it. So after my graduation I decided to spend a year in Paris working as an au pair girl: one of my best choices, since I found my French family. Then, I’ve been accepted to study at Sorbonne. This is my last year of university and I foresee to keep studying EU Affairs or International Relations in Paris – but who knows where I will be after that!

🇪🇺 Thanks to Europe I could travel a lot with no problem from one country to the other. We are lucky, but freedom of movement isn’t the only reason why Europe makes such a positive contribution to our lives. It’s about job opportunities, merging cultures, and much more than that. Europe should be seen as a big family, our generation feels it. Every member of this family should be there for one another.

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