About Us

Our project ended in 2023, following great 5 years of fun, challenges and dedication.
Thank you all for your much appreciated support!
The WhyEurope team


Our Mission

WhyEurope is an online communication project, based on the voluntary work of an organized community of young pro-Europeans. We want to make the EU relatable to all and to inform about the EU’s actions, benefits, weaknesses and strengths. 

We hold a strong BELIEF in the EU as a whole, while at the same time keeping in mind its difficulties and complex HISTORY. Our commonalities transcends our differences. At the present, the European project is shaped by peace, freedoms for citizens, and cooperation between countries as well as knowing where and how it all began. Therefore, we feel a certain moral DUTY to uphold it.

Moving forward, Europe is our FUTURE. The more people are involved in the European discourse by our actions, the greater, more representative future will follow. WhyEurope puts a strong emphasis on the ability to TRAVEL freely, to WORK abroad and to STUDY all over Europe, as those matters are very close to young people’s minds. We use social media to share these ideas and encourage support of the European project.

Association WhyEurope e.V.

Since September 2017, we are registered as a non for profit association under German law, WhyEurope e.V. If you are interested in learning more, please take a look at our statutes (available in German and English). Please note that only the German version is legally binding.

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