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How We Work

All members of WhyEurope work on a voluntary basis. As a registered non-profit organization, WhyEurope e.V. depends on private donations. All donations will go towards our campaigns and projects.

Some ways that we use donations:

  • Fund online campaigns
  • Support members meetups
  • Contribute to projects with partner organisations and collaborations

Why Donate?

With 1€, we are able to reach ~ 5,000 people. So, with just 100€, it is possible to reach about half a million Europeans online. Most of our funding is used to run special campaigns to touch audiences that we would normally not reach with organic growth only on our Facebook or Instagram accounts. For example, we use special advertising to directly reach anti-EU supporters with our messages on social media. Thereby, we make sure to interact with audiences “outside the bubble” and get in touch with people that hold different views on the EU. With every single Euro, you help us to pursue our goal of sharing what the EU does for its citizens and maintaining a European communication platform.


We have always considered transparency an essential characteristic of our initiative and we would like to keep it that way. While we have been accused of being sponsored by the EU or other institutions, this is not the case and will never be the case. We are an independent non-profit, funded by private donations. Therefore, it is important for us to disclose our financial conditions. Therefore, we have set some general rules and guidelines: We will publish all donors on our website, unless they state otherwise (e.g. in the “purpose of payment”). For donations of more than 100€, it is not possible to opt out of this publication. We will reject donations that may potentially cause any conflict of interest (e.g. from EU institutions, companies, etc.).

Support us!

If you agree to these terms, we are more than happy to receive your donation! Our account number is as follows:

  • IBAN: DE48 6415 0020 0004 1475 81

We can also issue donations receipts under German law (“Spendenbescheinigung”) or French law (“reçu fiscal”) which can be used as an official tax reduction. Please contact us if you wish to receive a receipt or if you would like to benefit from tax reductions in your country that may differ from the tax laws in Germany or France.You can also donate via PayPal to

Our Supporters:

01/04/2019Reinhard Gorenflos200€
09/10/2018Don Bosco Association, prize for “Filippas Engel”2.50€
01/09/2018A. C. Marino10€
28/08/2018C. Wich1,000€
30/05/2018Rotary Club Siegen500€
22/05/2018Donations received via Facebook Donate405.46€
18/05/2018W. Schlueter200€
16/05/2018E. Wolfbauer-Schinnerl10€
16/05/2018Amazon Smile Donations5€
16/05/2018M. A. Basiglio25€
14/05/2018C. Scharff100€
22/04/2018Y. Ngo25€
30/03/2018D. Schmitz20€
27/03/2018G. Lehrmann150€
19/03/2018J. Seifermann15€
21/02/2018M. Heiss30€
12/02/2018J. Vertigan25€
25/01/2018K. Grosch25€
17/01/2018F. Wiehler50€
17/01/2018A. Martin, result from jersey sale1.584.50 €
15/01/2018H. Schijf100€
15/01/2018R. K. Vulpius100€
12/01/2018K. M. Kaiser150€
11/01/2018W. Schlueter200€
27/12/2017M. Moser-Abt472€
22/12/2017K. und Dr. M. Goette100€
19/12/2017H.-C. Schlüter25€