Humans of Europe

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Here is Leandro's story:

👋 Hola! I am Farileandro, a 26-year-old Colombian, but have been calling Spain my home for most of my life.

💼 Be it for academic or personal purposes, I have always tried my best to take advantage of the many opportunities offered by the multicultural world of today and discover as many unique places, cultures and ways of living as possible. Not only to step out of my comfort zone and get to know myself better, but to experience first-hand just how alluring the world in which we live in can be.

🇪🇺 And the EU, through its diverse schemes, has given me the opportunity to do exactly that. Erasmus+ has opened doors for me to experience life in Turkey and Portugal, youth exchanges helped me discover Greece and Bulgaria and volunteering projects in Italy and in France (where I currently live), allowed me to keep giving back. Getting to live my life in such a fascinating and culturally enriching way, creating irreplaceable friendships and countless memories along the way, simply makes me feel tremendously lucky. The knowledge and the personal growth acquired through it all – invaluable.

Leandro is one of the many making Europe their home.

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